The XO22LR is now just an extension of the new XO12SG model

At the beginning of the year we developed the XO22LR and after some months we revised this version and replaced it with the version V2. But this version was also constructed to the limit of the statics, so we developed a new concept with the same foldable design... 

We dont want just make a stronger Version 3 instead we built a "signal gun" with the caliber 12 and have integrated the caliber 22 into this robust and sturdy model. 

XO22LR and XO12SG in comparison

The first change is the size and dimensions.

To make the model stronger we make it 10 mm longer x 10 mm higher x 10 mm wider. 
In the first two versions we used M2 and M3 screws and we replaced these with M3 and M4 screws.
Now it is not really a pocket pistol anymore but the new size has many advantages as you will find out...

XO22LR and XO12SG in comparison

The sledge and the trigger

With the new dimensions, we were able to make the sledge three times wider and make it heavier with an additional screw.
This also means that the trigger is twice as wide and we were able to use a larger and stronger extension spring. 
In the new design there is also a safety hook so that you can no longer slip off until loading. 

XO22LR and XO12SG in comparison

The barrelcases

In the background you can see the size from the old to the new version.
The new 22LR barrel housing has exactly the same size as the 12SG barrel housing and can be changed with one screw.
The main housing always remains the same. That means that the new version is a two in one system. 

The Shooters Box Adapter for XO12SG

Now the XO12SG is compatible with the adapter from the

XO22LR and XO12SG in comparison

The caliber 12 barrel and caliber 22 barrel.

XO22LR and XO12SG in comparison

The small parts

All small parts have also been revised and our print quality has also been improved.

With every test print from the new system, we have optimized in parallel the printing processes.

XO22LR and XO12SG in comparison

The new handle

The foldable handle was always a weak point.
Thanks to the new size, we were able to integrate two push buttons - one to open and one to close the handle.

XO22LR and XO12SG silencer concept

The silencer concept

Another concept we are working on is a silencer extension for the XO22LR extension.

At the moment there is already a silencer version, but the inner core will be printed with carbon fiber in the future.

So this extension is soon available...

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