XO12SG is a "two in one" concept 
and with the caliber adapter is it a multitool

The XO12SG is designed as a signal gun with the caliber 12 and we recommend to using it with caliber 12 signal ammunition

You also can use the XO12SG with the caliber adapter from the shooters box

XO12SG Signal Gun

is designed for caliber 12 (signal) ammunition

Zink Feuerwerk Caliber 12/70
Zink Feuerwerk - caliber 12/70 signal ammunition


The Shooters Box adapter for XO12SG
The Shooters Box caliber adapter


XO12SG assembling instructions

» 14 pieces 3D printed parts 
» 29 screws / 2 locknuts
» 4 springs
» 1 barrel / 1 washer

XO22LR extension

» 1 3D printed part
» 2 Screws
» 1 barrel

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