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Our terms and conditions...

valid from 1. August 2021 

1. Order and payment:

You order the items on our XO12SG.com website with the order form and receive an order confirmation by email.
Then you can pay with PayPal or advanced payment to our bank account or with credit card to our bank account with Western Union.
The order is only a legally binding after the payment.

2. Production and delivery:

After we received your money we start the production and after that we make the shipment.

a) Digital products:

We are selling the digital products over extern platforms so the payment and downloads depend by the platform. 

b) Physical products:

NOTICE: We are an engineering office and you dont buy "products" from us. The payment to us is for our working hours and the parts you get are just "samples" from our engineering work. And that is the reason why we write on the CN22 custom declaration "sample plastic parts", "sample screws and springs" and "metal sample parts" (for 3D printing quality examples and for study and educational purposes).

We generally deliver worldwide, but if a delivery is not possible, in reason of Corona or Covid delivery restrictions, we will refund your payment (or you want to wait until deliveries are possible again)

3. Warranty:

If individual parts are defective or of poor quality, the spare parts will be replace from us free of charge. 

4. Revocation and return:

In principle you can withdraw from your purchase for 14 days at online orders... but after we start the production your order cant be revocated. If you dont pay your order or we dont receive the money within 7 days, we will automatically cancel the order. 

Digital products or downloads are excluded from the right of return.

5. Copyright:

All XO products are subject to the copyright of XO12SG.com and XO22LR.com. 

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» timezone in our office

Notice: that our office is in South Asia and that we have about 12 hours time difference to the USA and 6 hours to Europe.

Please contact us only by Email and be patient until we process your request or your order during our office hours.

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