Welcome to our new website of (formerly) XO22LR.com

...maybe you notice that here are some changes?...and you are right - we changed everything! 
We have not only improved our products, we also changed the ordering process and the production process. 

Read more about it below...

XO Slingshot XO engineering

visit our new slingshot project under: www.xoslingshot.com

XOSlingshot 3D printed slingshot gun like a crossbow
XO22LR 3D printed foldable gun
XO12SG 3D printed foldable gun
XOD XODerringer 3D printed caliber .22 single shot Derringer
XOBOX ammunition box with belt clip
XOCLIP beltclip instead a holster
XOCUT 3D printed foldable knife for Stanley blades
XO 3D printing for external products
XO 3D printing for external products
XO22LR and XO12SG technical changes

Technical changes at the products

The first and most noticeable is of course the change in the products. You can find all these details on the XO22LR page.

It is normal that a product is always improving, but the bigger change is the entire production and ordering process. 

And now XO22LR.com is changed to XO12SG.com with a new owner (and new investors), a new team and new terms and conditions. 

XO22LR old website with onlineshop

From now we "produce on demand/order"

We know that our customer are angry that they see many times "sold out" and "currently not available" so we changed it so that the production, warehouse and office are in one place and so we can produce on demand.

That means you make the order and after your payment we start to produce the plastic parts and the metal parts and make the worldwide shipping.

So you dont have to look for availability and we dont have to update always the warehouse. 

» timezone in our office

Notice: that our office is in South Asia and that we have about 12 hours time difference to the USA and 6 hours to Europe.

Please contact us only by Email and be patient until we process your request or your order during our office hours.

» contact us

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